Cola Maison ///

Cola Maison | GregoryWest

I suspect that when it comes to adult beverages, my tastes tend to run a bit off the beaten path. I’ve never been a fan of hard liquor, my understanding of wine borders on embarrassing, and on the rare occasion that I drink beer, my favourite tastes like it has a shot of espresso in it. That being said, there is something quite lovely about gin – the citrusy undertones, the botanical overtones, the juniper …

Continuing on with this stroll down heresy lane, my pairing of choice isn’t the iconic tonic, but cola instead – one part gin, two parts cola, rocks, and a twist of lemon. (If such a combination doesn’t already have a name, please consider this my official submission for it to be known henceforth as The GregoryWest.)

Now, having gone to the effort of finding that one special gin which grants all of your wishes, you don’t want it sharing a glass with the former inhabitants of 12oz Aluminum or (heaven forbid) 2L Plastic. The more civilized option is Cola Maison – prepared in small batches, entirely of natural ingredients, in beautiful Montréal – a city that knows a thing or two about good taste. (via Uncrate)

MeUndies Boxer ///

GregoryWest | MeUndies Boxer

Here’s to the Platonic ideal of the weekend. Here’s to getting all your chores and tedious appointments out of the way between Monday and Friday. Here’s to ending the week with sleeping in, lazy breakfasts, and extra cups of coffee … ideally, all in your underwear. And the perfect uniform for such laid-back undertakings? The MeUndies Boxer, made with sustainably sourced MicroModal fabric which more than delivers on its promise of being three times softer than cotton. Throw on a pair of these with a well-worn t-shirt and contemplate the infinite value of doing nothing for a while.

Woolrich Eagle ///

GregoryWest | Woolrich Eagle boots

I’m in Montreal this week, and despite El Niño’s best efforts, the weather here is the polar opposite of a day at the beach. Just minutes after stepping off the plane, I heard a word that essentially left my vocabulary since we moved out west more than a decade ago – windchill. This kind of cold makes you appreciate the heartier things in life. Things like wool, and soups you can eat with a fork. And so, as I made my way through a snow storm this evening, I had visions of a kindly St. Bernard coming to my rescue with a small barrel of beef-barley and a pair of Woolrich Eagle boots. (via Freshness)


UE Roll Bluetooth speaker | GregoryWest

A few of my favourite things: lazy summer afternoons by the pool, Saturday-morning kayaks, and unnecessarily long showers. One of my least favourite things: a wet iPhone. Enter the UE ROLL – a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that comes with its own inflatable dinghy and a bungee cord on the back for easily attaching to your showerhead. All of a sudden, that extra ten-minute soak in the morning isn’t you postponing the start of the day; it’s being a conscientious citizen and catching up on the latest news before heading out to conquer the world.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ///

GregoryWest | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As the year comes to a close, best-of lists are being compiled, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is topping many of them. I’ve never been a big fan of role-playing games, as they tended toward Dungeons & Dragons territory, with the typical lineup of way too much expository conversation, clunky combat mechanics, and more often than not, some type of mage guiding you through endless intricacies of spells and potions. This RPG, however, was refreshingly different right from the start – a beautifully crafted open world, an engaging storyline, and a varied selection of mythical creatures to take down a notch in dynamic sword-to-claw combat.

Almond Surfboards + Woolrich ///

Almond Surfboards + Woolrich | GregoryWest

I think the Woolrich special-projects team deserves a big raise – first, for last year’s collaboration with Colorado’s Topo Designs, and more recently, with California’s Almond Surfboards on a collection of meticulously hand-shaped boards inspired by Woolrich’s archive of iconic blanket patterns. Whether you go for the double-stripe or perennial red buffalo-check, it’s hard to imagine a better way of curling up in a cozy wave. (via Freshness)


adidas Pro Primeknit ///

adidas Pro Primeknit | GregoryWest

There’s a high degree of difficulty in skillfully remixing a classic, and the new adidas Pro Primeknit absolutely sticks the landing. A skate-meets-soccer collaboration with London-based Palace Skateboards, it combines an indoor sole from the iconic Gazelle with a molded sock-liner, ZX Flux heel counter, and a woven Primeknit upper. It’s essentially a lighter, more breathable version of my all-time-favourite / go-with-everything Sambas, and I definitely need to land a pair.


FiftyThree ///

FiftyThree Pencil stylus | GregoryWest

Isn’t it great when technology helps you appear more competent than you actually are? For example, I’m clueless when it comes to most features on a decent camera, but thanks to Instagram, I can usually capture a passable photo. As for drawing skills, mine are third-grade-level at best, making me a huge fan of FiftyThree’s Paper app – a virtual collection of Moleskine-style notebooks and drawing tools. The custom-designed Pencil stylus lets you draw, shade, and blend like a pro; and if you happen to make a mistake, simply flip it over and erase right on the screen as you would with any old 2B. For those leaning more left-brain than right, the recent Think kit update turns your iPad into a digital whiteboard. Through the integrated Intention Engine, all your shaky lines, squares, and circles are smoothed out in real time to effortlessly create diagrams, graphs, and flowcharts that can export straight to Keynote, PowerPoint, or PDF. You come out looking like a creative genius; and whether you choose to credit nothing but natural-born talent is completely up to you.


Marmot Variant ///

Marmot Variant jacket | GregoryWest

As the days get longer and increasingly warmer, our first instinct is to shed, rather than add, layers. But summer isn’t all sweltering days at the beach; it’s late-day hikes once the sun has dipped behind a ridge, and early-morning campsites as you shiver toward your first cup of coffee. Marmot’s Variant jacket – a streamlined hybrid of Polartec Power Stretch and insulated front panels – is a great-looking option for throwing into a daypack as you hit the trail, or onto your back as you head out to run a few errands. And in a few months, as the days get shorter and increasingly colder, it’ll be an excellent mid-layer pairing with your favourite shell.

No Difference ///

Temperamental by Everything But The Girl | GregoryWest

So you fix a drink cause its time to drown
and the clock speeds up and then it slows right down.
The life that we have missed I think it still exists.
How can you resist?

track : No Difference
artist : Everything But The Girl
album : Temperamental