Volcom Hotainer ///

Volcom Hotainer rashguard | GregoryWest

Turns out that after all my giddiness to get in some surfing while in Maui, I forgot to pack my rashguard. No worries, though – perfect excuse to waste an afternoon wandering through surf shops (one of my favourite things), where I found the Volcom Hotainer. Designed in a medium weight, it’s more substantial than my usual rashguard, and provides 50+ UV protection. It tends to get a bit hot while out in the sun, but once you’re in the water it’s perfect. And given its warmer composition, it’ll be great for cool-weather kayaking until the next surfing trip rolls around.

Oxgut Hose Co. ///

Oxgut Hose Co. Walsh wood carrier | GregoryWest

The Oxgut Hose Co. derives its name from civilization’s first fire hoses of ancient Greece. All of their products are hand-crafted of hose salvaged from US fire departments, and they donate a portion of every sale to the Children’s Burn Foundation. This durable, waterproof, and flexible reclaimed material is ideal for chairs, floor mats, and hammocks; but my favourite is the Walsh wood carrier. It helps you easily carry the fruits of all your chopping to the fireplace, supporting responsible burning long after retiring from active duty.

Camper Bowie ///

Camper Bowie | GregoryWest

How. Awesome. Are. These? Camper’s Bowie is a perfect union of leather lace-up and two-tone rubber outsole. Simple, clean, and sharp as hell, it’s like finding a suit-friendly pair of Air Jordans – and I seriously need to add them to my lineup.


The Overthrow by Solé ///

The Overthrow by Solé Bicycles | GregoryWest

A lovely thing happens when function and form align, and The Overthrow from Venice, California-based Solé Bicycles is an excellent example – a minimalist fixed-gear with a beautiful, minimalist design. The Deep Dish rims and the vintage-looking rivet saddle are perfect touches, and the matte paint job with a subtle two-stripe accent is reminiscent of a classic Fred Perry polo. One other interesting feature is that the bike arrives at your door 90% assembled (with all the tools and instructions you need to get to 100), which means that you get an extra bit of sweat-equity in your weekend ride.

Sonnenleder Lenz ///

Sonnenleder Lenz pen & pencil case | GregoryWest

Growing up, I was that kid who couldn’t wait to start school, and I distinctly remember going to the store with my mom to pick out my grade-one school supplies. My backpack was stocked and ready to go weeks before the first bell rang, and part of that early scholastic artillery was a classic leather pencil case with elastic loops for pens and pencils, and even a little zippered pocket for lunch money. Somewhere along the way, though, I misplaced it and have kept my eye out for something similar ever since. Well, I think I just found it.


Swami’s + Orlebar Brown ///

Swami's + Orlebar Brown boardshorts collaboration | GregoryWest

We’re heading to Maui later this week to escape this cold weather for a while and get a lot more time on the waves. Swami’s makes some of the most beautiful surfboards on the planet, and while I’m not quite ready to graduate up to their level just yet, a pair of Swami’s boardshorts will be a perfect tide-over in the meantime. A recent collaboration with Orlebar Brown has resulted in limited editions of just a hundred and fifty per colorway, including a unique printing approach which promises that no two pairs are alike. Aloha to that!

Geoffrey Johnson ///

Geoffrey Johnson oil paintings | GregoryWest

Whenever I travel to a city I haven’t been to before, one of my favourite things to do is grab my camera and a decent cup of coffee, and just start walking with no particular destination in mind. These gorgeous oil paintings by Geoffrey Johnson look like washed-out photos of amazing days spent wandering around New York City, and they’re seriously tempting me to throw on a comfortable pair of shoes and hop on a last-minute flight. I can almost smell the coffee already. (more of this collection via The Jealous Curator)

Rapha GT Shoes ///

Rapha GT cycling shoes | GregoryWest

I just registered for my second GranFondo – a beautiful 122km ride from Vancouver to Whistler, with a total elevation gain of 1,700m. While I’m all set in the bike and helmet departments, I’d love to pick up a new pair of cycling shoes, and I’ve got my eye on the Rapha GT. With a carbon sole for lightness and stiffness, and a perforated Yak leather upper delivering soft, water-resistant durability, these shoes promise to become even more comfortable with time as they contour to the shape of your foot. Added bonus – Rapha’s impeccable styling will help me look presentable as I pass out crossing the finish line.


Fable ///

Pixar's The Incredibles | GregoryWest

Maybe fable is not the ideal term, but call it allegory, magical realism, or simply fairy tales, I love a well-told story that helps you see the world through someone else’s experience without being too on-the-nose. For example, the first time I saw the Animal Farm animated film as a kid, I had no idea what a dictatorship was, but it beautifully illustrated the social forces at the heart of one.


Bell Bullitt ///

Bell Bullitt motorcycle helmet | GregoryWest

If Santa really is going to leave a sidecar motorcycle under my tree next week, I’m going to need the right helmet to protect everything north of my neck. The Bell Bullitt was inspired by the company’s original Star model, introduced in 1963 as the first ever full-face motorcycle helmet. Just four years later, one of those helmets would be credited with saving Evel Knievel’s life when he crashed while attempting to jump the Caesars Palace fountains. The Bullitt is an ideal combination of vintage styling and modern advances in safety and comfort; and if you’re feeling extra old-school you can go for the optional bubble-visor … just try to keep all wheels on the ground.