Nike Advantage Premier RF ///

Roger Federer US Open 2014 | GregoryWest

Roger Federer exited this year’s US Open earlier than his seeding would have indicated, but his quarterfinal against Gaël Monfils was one of the most exciting performances I’ve ever seen. Maybe he was freaking out inside after going down two sets, but Federer looked composed and precise as he fought off two match-points and continued on to a convincing fifth-set win. This might be a bit Is it the shoes? of me, but I don’t think it hurt that his night-match kit (including the Nike Advantage Premier RF) made him look like a total boss. All dark tones and crisp fit, Federer was stepping on the court looking like he meant business. Now, if I was lucky enough to have custom gear developed specifically for me, I’d probably shorten the sleeve by about an inch and opt for no-show socks, but before that happens, my serve will have to improve by a smidge or two.

unu ///

unu electric scooter | GregoryWest

I’m guessing that practically everyone who’s ever seen Roman Holiday instantly wanted a Vespa of their own, to glide over Italian cobblestone with Gregory Peck’s effortless elegance. Even better if you could do so without using a drop of fuel, and quietly enough to not disturb siesta. From Munich-based unu, comes a two-seater electric scooter, available in 65 combinations of colour and leather options. It weighs in at just under 127 pounds (about half compared to a Vespa), and a single battery charge will give you a range of about 50km. A few more spins around the Colosseum? (via Selectism)

PF Flyers Hi Pres ///

PF Flyers Hi Pres | GregoryWest

While summer is not technically over for a few more weeks, you can already catch a hint of autumn crispness in the air, which means that the occasional cold and rainy day can’t be too far off. Just in time, the good folks at PF Flyers (inspired by their BFGoodrich roots) have introduced the Hi Pres boots, featuring an extended rubber midsole and a coated canvas upper stitched with hydrophobic thread. Pair them with a solid raincoat and you’ll plough through that rain like a set of all-season tires.

Boomerang ///

Boomerang | GregoryWest

Even thought it didn’t get great reviews at the time, Boomerang had a big impact on me when I first saw it at sixteen. Eddie Murphy played Marcus, a marketing exec (probably a reason why one of my first jobs was at an ad agency) with a cool place, cool clothes, and good friends; whose life gets flipped upside down when he meets Jacqueline, played by Robin Givens. This stacked cast included Martin Lawrence, Halle Berry (Love should’ve brought your ass home last night!), David Alan Grier, and a very young Chris Rock. And the soundtrack featured Toni Braxton, PM Dawn, Boyz II Men, and A Tribe Called Quest – essentially my teenage years in a nutshell. Now, I’ve always felt that Marcus should’ve been docked a few points for being bent out of shape when Jacqueline chose beers and the Knicks / Bulls game on the couch over a candlelit dinner, but then again, he more than made up for it with, “Gerard, did you know your Pops had a mushroom belt on?”.

Norse Projects ///

Norse Projects FW14 | GregoryWest

I was going through the Norse Projects Fall/Winter 2014 preview and these two pieces caught my eye – the Borderline Stripe wool sweater and Elka Classic rain jacket. Nautically-inspired classics that would look equally great in a downtown downpour or a Wes Anderson set. (via Selectism)


Older ///

Older by George Michael | GregoryWest

Don’t you think I’m looking older?
But something good has happened to me
Change is a stranger
You have yet to know

track : Older
artist : George Michael
album : Older

Engineered Garments : Spring 2015 ///

Engineered Garments SS15 | GregoryWest

There’s different for the sake of simply being different, and then there’s different that makes you stop and take notice because … it’s actually really good. I’m loving the Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2015 collection, and the way it combines classic elements into new, unique arrangements and patterns. It’s that perfect scenario of seeing something on the runway that you’ve never considered wearing before, and thinking that you can’t wait to try it on yourself. (via Highsnobiety)


hard graft Frame Folio ///

hard graft Frame Folio | GregoryWest

I love a good messenger bag, but for some mysterious reason, I’ve never been able to master wearing one while riding a bike – it tends to either swing around to the front or dig uncomfortably into my shoulder. I have opted instead for a minimal backpack, but sometimes, you only need to bring a few things to a cross-town meeting or coffee shop. Enter the hard graft Frame Folio – a beautifully designed, handmade in Italy, leather sleeve that’s lightly padded to protect your iPad and other daily essentials. Once you reach your destination, the frame straps convert to a handle, and you’re good to go without having to sling anything across your shoulder. (via Selectism)


Heart of Darkness ///

Heart of Darkness | GregoryWest

‘The last word he pronounced was – your name.’

I heard a light sigh, and then my heart stood still, stopped dead short by an exulting and terrible cry, by the cry of inconceivable triumph and of unspeakable pain. ‘I knew it – I was sure!’ … She knew. She was sure. I heard her weeping; she had hidden her face in her hands. It seemed to me that the house would collapse before I could escape, that the heavens would fall upon my head. But nothing happened. The heavens do not fall for such a trifle. Would they have fallen, I wonder, if I had rendered Kurtz that justice which was his due? Hadn’t he said he wanted only justice? But I couldn’t. I could not tell her. It would have been too dark – too dark altogether …

title : Heart of Darkness
author : Joseph Conrad

Toyota Land Cruiser J40 ///

Toyota Land Cruiser J40 | GregoryWest

In the past few months, I’ve noticed the Toyota Land Cruiser J40 popping up more often in my Pinterest feed. Reverse-engineered during WWII from the Willys MB US Army Jeep, the J40 has incredible, classic styling, and is apparently still highly sought after world-wide for its solid off-road performance. Toyota released an interesting update in the FJ CRUISER several years ago, but I wish they could have just applied modern technology to the original form. My name would be first on the waiting list if that ever happened. (photo via WorldCarFans)