Howler x Sanborn ///

Howler x Sanborn stand up paddle | GregoryWest

File this one under ask and you shall receive. At the end of my recent post about Sanborn Canoe’s brilliant hand-painted paddles, I mentioned that it would be great if they made a range of longer ones for paddleboarding. Well, those friendly Minnesotans responded right away and pointed me to their collaboration with Howler Brothers. True to Sanborn form, these SUP-specific paddles are hand-made, hand-painted, and pure perfection.

Jason Wright ///

Jason Wright | GregoryWest

Let’s celebrate the first day of spring and the promise of warmer days ahead with the beautifully serene work of Jason Wright. His background in painting and graphic design on full display in this skillful pairing of the boat’s clean, geometric lines against the big, almost edible, brushstrokes of the sky and ocean. If you happen to be in the prolonged grips of the polar vortex at the moment, may this serve as a bit of a tide over … just ninety-four days until the first day of summer! (via The Jealous Curator)

MEIJS Motorman ///

MEIJS Motorman electric moped | GregoryWest

If we did a bit of free-association with the word commute, most people would picture either a crowded subway, being stuck in crawling traffic, or arriving exhausted and sweaty after a bike ride to work. Thanks to the MEIJS Motorman, you can add a much better alternative to that list – a lightweight electric moped inspired by the design of classic American motorcycles, that promises a range of 70km at a top speed of 45km/h. It’ll get you to the office effortlessly, quietly, and looking like a goddamned boss. (via Cool Material)

DENHAM x Converse Jack Purcell ///

DENHAM x Converse Jack Purcell | GregoryWest

Given the opportunity to put my own spin on an undisputed classic, I think I would be paralyzed with fear. That doesn’t appear to have been the case for Amsterdam denim brand, DENHAM, in their latest collaboration with Converse. They opted for premium leather in a clean black-and-white colorway, with a contrasting top shoelace eyelet reminiscent of a pocket rivet. And as a nod to the iconic Jack Purcell smile, they reworked their logo for this project into an impressionist scissor face. There’s no disputing that they need to be added to my collection. (via Highsnobiety)


Covers ///

The Graduate | GregoryWest

There’s a certain art to a well-executed cover. In most cases, you associate a song with the original way that you heard it performed, and anything that follows usually doesn’t measure up. The pinnacle of the form is a cover that goes in a completely new direction, or better yet, has you liking it even more than the version you’re already familiar with. For example, I was never a fan of The Police’s Roxanne, but I love George Michael’s reinterpretation of it as a jazz standard. Some of my other all-time favourites include The Lemonheads giving Mrs. Robinson a refreshing update, and Lorde taking Everybody Wants To Rule The World to a whole other planet.


OCTOVO Mac Folio ///

OCTOVO Mac Folio | GregoryWest

On the topic of diamond-quilted things, I came across OCTOVO’s Mac Folio while drooling over their beautiful surfboard collaboration with Jason Tilley. There are times when you go into a meeting with a briefcase and your full arsenal, while other times, a simple sleeve is all you need to keep that new (space gray) MacBook nice and cozy. In addition to having impeccable taste, the good folks at OCTOVO recognize the important things in life, equipping the folio with a small interior pocket to fit a credit card, ID, or love note. There, all essentials covered.

Howler Brothers Quepos ///

Howler Brothers Quepos quilted jacket | GregoryWest

An interesting thing happens once you’ve been on Pinterest for a while – pin enough of something and you realize that you’re naturally drawn to it. For me, that happens to be things like vintage Land Rovers, early-morning bike rides, and minimalist briefcases. I also can’t resist a good quilted jacket, and the Howler Brothers Quepos is no exception. With a classic design that would look at home in any decade, it’s water and wind resistant, and comes in a beautiful Tributary Blue. If you live in a warm enough place, this can easily be a your year-round jacket, and for when the temperature drops, it layers nicely under an overcoat.

Mercedes-AMG GT S ///

Mercedes-AMG GT S | GregoryWest

With a hand-built V8 biturbo engine, 503 horses under the hood, a top speed of 310 km/h, and a stance reminiscent of a wild animal about to pounce, the new Mercedes-AMG GT S is as beautiful as it is powerful. It goes zero to a hundred in 3.8 seconds, and it took me just a fraction of that time to decide that I’d like a midnight blue one in my driveway.

Sanborn Canoe Co. ///

Sanborn Canoe Co. paddles | GregoryWest

Sanborn Canoe Co. started out simply as a summer hobby to build a cedar-strip canoe for enjoying Minnesota’s countless lakes. That first project was a big success and eventually grew into a brand of hand-crafted paddles. The trouble began when they decided to launch a sub-collection hand-painted by a local artist – and folks like me couldn’t decide whether to use them for recreation or decoration. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for slightly longer paddleboarding versions that I can rotate between the water and the wall. (via Outside Magazine)

Boylan Cola ///

Boylan Cola | GregoryWest

Without exaggeration, one of the things I love most in this world is an ice-cold cola in a glass bottle (squeeze of lemon optional). My weapon of choice is from Boylan Bottling Co., maker of hand-crafted sodas that traces its heritage to a nineteenth-century apothecary. Their cane cola is made with only a handful of (easily-pronounceable) ingredients, including oils of orange, lemon and lime, with hints of nutmeg, coriander and lavender. It’s my favourite way to wind down the day.