Hudson’s Bay Company Point Blanket ///

Hudson’s Bay Company Point Blanket | GregoryWest

You know those cozy winter days that make you want to go straight from bed to couch, eat melted cheese, and watch twelve episodes of something? Those days call for time-tested gear, and for more than two centuries, the Hudson’s Bay Company point blanket has warmed everyone from fur traders, to British royalty, to bleary-eyed binge-watchers. The name derives from lines stitched into the blanket to easily indicate its size without having to be unfolded. And while the iconic multistripe colorway is traditionally green, red, yellow, and indigo; I’m loving this monochromatic Millennium Stripe treatment. (via Sharp)

Danner ///

Danner Boots | GregoryWest

Danner boots trace their heritage back to 1932 and a five-person workshop handcrafting work boots during the Great Depression. More than eighty years later, the company is still making impeccable footwear by hand, combining their timeless design with modern technologies such as GORE-TEX and Vibram. When it’s all said and done, your feet are warm, dry, and comfortable while you look like you just scored a few gems in your sartorially-inclined grandfather’s attic. Two of my favourites are the Mountain Light and Williams Chukka.


Black Diamond Carbon Aspect ///

Black Diamond Carbon Aspect skis | GregoryWest

I learned to ski as a kid, but once I got on a snowboard, I instantly fell in love and never looked back. This season, though, I’ve decided to return to my downhill roots, and I think the Black Diamond Carbon Aspect will be my weapon of choice. Classically-shaped touring skis, their wood and carbon construction makes them among the lightest in their category. Paired with a beautifully-clean design, they look light years ahead of the gear that I learned on.

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks ///

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks | GregoryWest

I love podcasts. In my previous career incarnations I used to have long commutes, and an iPod / iPhone stocked with podcasts was my saving grace (a moment of silence for GQ Radio). Now that we have a home office with a view of the lake, my commute is a walk down the stairs; but podcasts keep getting even better, and my hands-down favourite is Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. The goal of each episode is for Tom Cavanagh and Michael Ian Black try out a new snack and give it a rating, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In a series spanning several years, they’ve covered space exploration, Navy SEAL training, and going underground to survive a global Hostess manhunt. This is some of the best improv you’ll ever come across, built on a long friendship between two of the funniest guys in the snack game.

G-Star RAW for the Oceans ///

G-Star RAW for the Oceans | GregoryWest

Speaking of Pharrell Williams collaborations, the G-Star RAW for the Oceans project uses something called Bionic Yarn, which turns retrieved ocean plastic into high-performance fabrics. For example, this dark indigo denim trench coat has a 40/60 composition of recycled plastics and cotton, with a subtle marine-inspired pattern hinting at its origins. This initiative has already managed to remove more than ten tons of plastic from our oceans which, sadly, pales in comparison with the mess that’s still out there; but it certainly begins to make a dent in scenes like the one below.


Topo Designs x Woolrich ///

Topo Designs x Woolrich | GregoryWest

It’s an ideal match – a collaboration between Topo Designs (a Colorado-based brand making uncomplicated gear to help you get closer to the outdoors) and Woolrich (a company that started in Pennsylvania almost two centuries ago, selling woolen blankets to local lumber camps). The result – three minimal and modern pieces with a comforting touch of heritage. They’re great go-tos for weekdays of running all over the city, and weekends of sleeping under the stars. (via Gear Patrol)


Heat Check ///

Heat Check | GregoryWest

Leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and the NBA season has officially kicked off. To celebrate my favourite sport being back in full swing – on a related side note, isn’t Christmas Day bball among the greatest inventions ever? – I’d like to share one of my favourite (and often hearbreaking) anomalies of this beautiful game …

Heat Check : [hēt CHek] (noun) Following three smart shots by a stupid one to prove that you, in fact, are not magical.

Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals ///

Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals | GregoryWest

My favourite kind of good ideas are the ones that are so good they just seem obvious – of course we should do this; why haven’t we done it before? A perfect example is this recent Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals collaboration on Stan Smiths inspired by actual tennis ball felt; available in three traditional colours of green, orange, and white. How’s this for another good idea – could we have a few of these autographed and shanked into the stands before every ATP match?

Dries Van Noten : Spring 2015 ///

Dries Van Noten SS15 | GregoryWest

It’s quite common to see elements of masculine wardrobe incorporated into a women’s collection, but the reverse is much more rare. And so, I ended up really liking the Dries Van Noten Spring / Summer 2015 runway for incorporating suits with softer and more flowing cuts, shoes with a hint of Mary Jane, and shirts with several alternate takes on the male neckline. In each case, just the right amount of feminine influence to make a difference, without distracting from the overall look. Here are a few of my favourites. (via GQ)


Nathalie Cusson ///

Nathalie Cusson | GregoryWest

If you happen to have a blank wall or two in your place calling out for some new art, have a look through the recent work of Canadian designer / illustrator, Nathalie Cusson. Each limited-edition print of beautiful vectors and colour blocks captures a classic ride with a personal connection to the artist. I’ve never had the pleasure of driving the Fiat 750, Renault 4CV, or Citroën 2CV, but I can totally picture them in a Tintin car chase, and that’s reason enough for any of them to make it into my home gallery. (via The Jealous Curator)