Octovo + Jason Tilley ///

The Egg by Octovo | GregoryWest

Speaking of my fledgling surfing skills, I’m hoping that they improve enough to one day warrant adding this work of art to my collection. The Egg is part of a collaboration between Octovo (a travel accessories brand) and Jason Tilley on a collection of beyond-beautiful hand-shaped surfboards. This one in particular is made of colour-blocked cedar, and true to form, comes with a custom transport case that’s UV-resistant, waterproof, and temperature-insulating. Which means that when the time comes, The Egg will safely accompany me to the beach; and in the meantime, I’d be more than happy to display it like the masterpiece that it is.

Prouvé RAW ///

Prouvé RAW Office Edition | GregoryWest

While I’m glad to have never dealt with the workplace dynamics and oversized electronics of generations past, I’ve always admired their amazing mid-century office furniture. Steel, wood, and leather combined to build timeless pieces that only got better-looking with use and time. No doubt, the folks at G-Star had similar thoughts in mind when they collaborated with Vitra on the Prouvé RAW collection – a series of desks, chairs, and lamps based on Jean Prouvé’s original designs – to furnish their new Rem Koolhaas-designed HQ. I’d gladly pair these beauties with some Apple products, and leave the fridge-sized Xerox machines to the museum curators to sort out.

M.Nii ///

M.Nii | GregoryWest

These colder days are great if you know how to layer properly and have the right gear to keep you warm and dry; but there comes a point once you’ve had your fill of the holidays, and just want to keep pressing the snooze button until March. That’s the perfect time to hop on a flight and replenish some Vitamin D. This year we’re heading to Hawaii, where I can hone my less-than-stellar surf skills at the birthplace of M.Nii, which started out in the 50s as a mom-and-pop tailor shop that surfers would bring their baggies to for repairs. Seeing a need for more durable board shorts, M.Nii developed prototypes of simple twill trunks which evolved over time with feedback and word-of-mouth from some of the best surfers in the world. The brand eventually folded, but was recently revived, earning a spot on this year’s GQ Best New Menswear Designers in America list, and a collection for Gap that includes these vintage-inspired Cord Surf Shorts, Nylon Jacket, and Oahu T-Shirt.


Dolce & Gabbana : Spring 2015 ///

Dolce & Gabbana Spring / Summer 2015 | GregoryWest

As the next few weeks bring along several more occasions to get all dappered up, I wouldn’t mind getting early access to the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015 collection. Have a look at these alternate takes on traditional formalwear – a perfectly slim three-piece with a unique vest, all-over polka dot that’s all grown up, and razor-sharp double-breasted … not to mention those impeccable shirt collars that look like fresh-cut stationery. All great reasons to start RSVPing like mad. (via GQ)


Ural MIR ///

Ural MIR motorcycle | GregoryWest

We have already established that life is exponentially cooler with a sidecar motorcycle, and I think I just found mine. Ural’s 2014 limited edition model is the MIR, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Shuttle-Mir space mission. One of the most beautiful things on three wheels, it features a variety of intergalactic touches, including a brilliant orbital white paint job, a tonneau cover based on NASA’s insulated astronaut blankets, and a sidecar-nose luggage rack that swaps out for a solar panel to maintain your battery’s charge or power any accessories. Only twenty will be built for the North American market, which means that twenty lives are bout to get exponentially cooler. (via Gear Patrol)


Spike Jonze Music Videos ///

Spike Jonze music videos | GregoryWest

The amazingly imaginative and prolific director, Spike Jonze, has a filmography that includes Being John Malkovich, Her, and Adaptation.; his mantle holds an Academy Award and a Golden Globe; and he’s proven many times over that he can make a seriously kickass music video. From the technicolor dream of Björk’s It’s Oh So Quiet, to the spot-on art direction in Weezer’s Buddy Holly, to the old-school cop show perfection that is the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage. These are some of the most iconic videos of all time, capped off by two collaborations with Fatboy Slim – an unforgettable glimpse of Christopher Walken’s dance prowess in Weapon of Choice, and the sheer brilliance and full commitment of putting himself in front of the camera for Praise You.

Brooks Salzwedel ///

Brooks Salzwedel | GregoryWest

The work of artist Brooks Salzwedel captures the increasingly more common spaces where nature meets urban sprawl. His unique approach of layering mylar, graphite, and resin adds a dreamy depth to these breathtaking scenes where you wouldn’t mind spending a hazy afternoon … just not too close to the power lines. (via The Jealous Curator)

Botta Design UNO 24 NEO ///

Botta Design UNO 24 NEO watch | GregoryWest

I remember learning to tell time as a kid, and the whole process feeling somewhat abstract – with the big and little hands, the half-pasts and quarter-tos – it’s all a bit much when you’re starting out. What I love about the Botta Design UNO 24 NEO is that aside from being a beautiful watch, it’s essentially a functional infographic of your progress through the day. One hand, twenty-four stations, and two day-night hemispheres to easily let you know whether it’s too late or too early for whatever you’re about to do. (via Freshness)

Hudson’s Bay Company Point Blanket ///

Hudson’s Bay Company Point Blanket | GregoryWest

You know those cozy winter days that make you want to go straight from bed to couch, eat melted cheese, and watch twelve episodes of something? Those days call for time-tested gear, and for more than two centuries, the Hudson’s Bay Company point blanket has warmed everyone from fur traders, to British royalty, to bleary-eyed binge-watchers. The name derives from lines stitched into the blanket to easily indicate its size without having to be unfolded. And while the iconic multistripe colorway is traditionally green, red, yellow, and indigo; I’m loving this monochromatic Millennium Stripe treatment. (via Sharp)

Danner ///

Danner Boots | GregoryWest

Danner boots trace their heritage back to 1932 and a five-person workshop handcrafting work boots during the Great Depression. More than eighty years later, the company is still making impeccable footwear by hand, combining their timeless design with modern technologies such as GORE-TEX and Vibram. When it’s all said and done, your feet are warm, dry, and comfortable while you look like you just scored a few gems in your sartorially-inclined grandfather’s attic. Two of my favourites are the Mountain Light and Williams Chukka.