jack spade day bag ///

It’s very easy to like the Jack Spade story, happenings, and most of all, the great products. A few years ago, we were going through an absolute slog at work and, out of the blue, Danielle surprised me with this Jack Spade Nylon Canvas Day Bag to help make getting to the slog each morning a lot more pleasant. I’ve used it ever since and love how it balances being perfectly functional without cluttering its design. Love the bag and love the girl who gave it to me even more :-)


  1. Packing light(er) | MacPsych /// 08.26.2012 /// 3:25am

    […] I’m heading to Mallorca for a week to catch some sun. In an effort to pack lightly and avoid checking in any luggage, I’m questioning every single item I’m bringing. Everything must fit into either my Knomo Berlin duffel bag or my Jack Spade day bag. […]