balmain : fall 2011 ///

I was so pleasantly surprised with the Balmain Fall 2011 collection. As I’ve said in a few of these posts, I’m sure that if I saw these looks as sketches, I totally wouldn’t have gotten them. Even the first time I saw the photos I wasn’t blown away, but the more I looked at them, something clicked and I was sold. I love the skilled layering, the absolutely brilliant coats, and the beautifully muted and perfectly matched color palettes. Very nicely done indeed! (For the rest of the collection, please visit

Four layers and still perfectly slim.

The stripes on the cuffs are a great touch.

Love the nautical theme and the down-turned boots.

Similar to the second look, but with a great palette change for this beautiful suede jacket.

Love the slim and streamlined puffer coat.

These pants are pure awesome.