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Apple Watch | GregoryWest

I always enjoy a good Apple product unveil – even if just for the superlative-rich Jony Ive videos – and the recent incarnation was no exception. However, this isn’t a post about the Apple Watch, although I’m sure I’ll eventually get one myself. And I’ll do so for two main reasons: 1) the ease with which most Apple products seamlessly integrate into an ecosystem of other iDevices; and 2) what I like to call the Apple ooh-moment. It’s that instant when you first tried the iPod click wheel (RIP), or got your hands on the iPhone Multi-Touch display, or took the Magic Mouse for a spin. It’s like the philosophical equivalent of Steve Jobs’s one more thing – you hear about a new Apple device and you can intellectually comprehend what it does, but you don’t fully get its full impact until you have it in your hand, grinning ear-to-ear like a kid with a shiny new toy.

Now, if I may add a small note to the good folks of Cupertino – I’m a bit concerned with the recent size creep. Aren’t things supposed to get smaller at each new technological iteration? The iPhone actually slimmed down through version 4, and then the trend took a U-turn. If I go for the 6 Plus / Apple Watch combo, that’s a lot of hardware on me without a ton of added features that I actually need. What I’d love to see is a stripped-down edition of the watch with only communication functionality (phone, email, messaging), a Bluetooth earbud for making calls, and maybe a simple podcast app so that I always have the latest few episodes handy in case I take a detour for groceries on my way home. Ooh, that would be sweet!