Mike and Tom Eat Snacks ///

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks | GregoryWest

I love podcasts. In my previous career incarnations I used to have long commutes, and an iPod / iPhone stocked with podcasts was my saving grace (a moment of silence for GQ Radio). Now that we have a home office with a view of the lake, my commute is a walk down the stairs; but podcasts keep getting even better, and my hands-down favourite is Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. The goal of each episode is for Tom Cavanagh and Michael Ian Black try out a new snack and give it a rating, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In a series spanning several years, they’ve covered space exploration, Navy SEAL training, and going underground to survive a global Hostess manhunt. This is some of the best improv you’ll ever come across, built on a long friendship between two of the funniest guys in the snack game.