Sonnenleder Lenz ///

Sonnenleder Lenz pen & pencil case | GregoryWest

Growing up, I was that kid who couldn’t wait to start school, and I distinctly remember going to the store with my mom to pick out my grade-one school supplies. My backpack was stocked and ready to go weeks before the first bell rang, and part of that early scholastic artillery was a classic leather pencil case with elastic loops for pens and pencils, and even a little zippered pocket for lunch money. Somewhere along the way, though, I misplaced it and have kept my eye out for something similar ever since. Well, I think I just found it.

The Lenz case is made by Sonnenleder, a German company specializing in leather accessories, based on seven generations of vegetable tanning. It was designed with architects, draftsmen, designers, artists, doodlers, and those obsessed with stationery in mind; and even though most of my writing these days is on a keyboard, I think the Lenz will make be a great addition to my briefcase. (via Gear Patrol)