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Far Cry 4 | GregoryWest

Confession time – I can’t stop playing Far Cry 4. I hop on with all the best intentions of just running a mission or two, and before I know it, hours have flown by. This open-sandbox game has an excellent mix of main storyline and a wide variety of side-ops (including hunting, stealth, and driving); plus, the scenery is so detailed and beautiful, it’s a pleasant experience just to hang out and explore for a while. I sometimes think that the biggest disservice to this industry was being saddled with the video game label for too long, in spite of the quantum leaps that the medium has made in a relatively short period of time. This is a highly immersive form of entertainment, and putting today’s games in the same category as ones from a couple of decades ago is like treating a hundred-piece symphony orchestra and a caveman hitting sticks together as two undifferentiated types of music.