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Cola Maison | GregoryWest

I suspect that when it comes to adult beverages, my tastes tend to run a bit off the beaten path. I’ve never been a fan of hard liquor, my understanding of wine borders on embarrassing, and on the rare occasion that I drink beer, my favourite tastes like it has a shot of espresso in it. That being said, there is something quite lovely about gin – the citrusy undertones, the botanical overtones, the juniper …

Continuing on with this stroll down heresy lane, my pairing of choice isn’t the iconic tonic, but cola instead – one part gin, two parts cola, rocks, and a twist of lemon. (If such a combination doesn’t already have a name, please consider this my official submission for it to be known henceforth as The GregoryWest.)

Now, having gone to the effort of finding that one special gin which grants all of your wishes, you don’t want it sharing a glass with the former inhabitants of 12oz Aluminum or (heaven forbid) 2L Plastic. The more civilized option is Cola Maison – prepared in small batches, entirely of natural ingredients, in beautiful Montréal – a city that knows a thing or two about good taste. (via Uncrate)