Leatherman Tread ///

GregoryWest | Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool

As I’ve gradually consigned timekeeping duties to Siri and the Mac menu bar, my watch has become more of an accessory than a tool. And so, why not put something more functional on my wrist? The Leatherman Tread is a brilliantly designed stainless-steel cuff which can be customized into a variety of essential combinations, including screwdrivers, wrenches, hex keys, cutting hooks, and bottle openers. An AI personal assistant might be great at finding a nearby beer store, but it’ll be years before it can pop the cap on a cold one.

MeUndies Boxer ///

GregoryWest | MeUndies Boxer

Here’s to the Platonic ideal of the weekend. Here’s to getting all your chores and tedious appointments out of the way between Monday and Friday. Here’s to ending the week with sleeping in, lazy breakfasts, and extra cups of coffee … ideally, all in your underwear. And the perfect uniform for such laid-back undertakings? The MeUndies Boxer, made with sustainably sourced MicroModal fabric which more than delivers on its promise of being three times softer than cotton. Throw on a pair of these with a well-worn t-shirt and contemplate the infinite value of doing nothing for a while.

Hard Graft Carry On ///

Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase | GregoryWest

When packing for a flight, I have two approaches. For checked luggage, I’m a big fan of the crushproof and watertight reassurance of a hardcase like the Pelican ProGear Elite. For the bag that’ll be heading into the overhead, I prefer to go with a more classic piece – like something my Pops would have chosen in his cooler days. To that end, I recently came across Hard Graft’s Carry On Suitcase; handmade in Italy with premium Italian leather and a cozy wool lining. It’s the perfect size for an overnight hop or a weekend roadtrip.


OCTOVO Mac Folio ///

OCTOVO Mac Folio | GregoryWest

On the topic of diamond-quilted things, I came across OCTOVO’s Mac Folio while drooling over their beautiful surfboard collaboration with Jason Tilley. There are times when you go into a meeting with a briefcase and your full arsenal, while other times, a simple sleeve is all you need to keep that new (space gray) MacBook nice and cozy. In addition to having impeccable taste, the good folks at OCTOVO recognize the important things in life, equipping the folio with a small interior pocket to fit a credit card, ID, or love note. There, all essentials covered.

Sonnenleder Lenz ///

Sonnenleder Lenz pen & pencil case | GregoryWest

Growing up, I was that kid who couldn’t wait to start school, and I distinctly remember going to the store with my mom to pick out my grade-one school supplies. My backpack was stocked and ready to go weeks before the first bell rang, and part of that early scholastic artillery was a classic leather pencil case with elastic loops for pens and pencils, and even a little zippered pocket for lunch money. Somewhere along the way, though, I misplaced it and have kept my eye out for something similar ever since. Well, I think I just found it.


Botta Design UNO 24 NEO ///

Botta Design UNO 24 NEO watch | GregoryWest

I remember learning to tell time as a kid, and the whole process feeling somewhat abstract – with the big and little hands, the half-pasts and quarter-tos – it’s all a bit much when you’re starting out. What I love about the Botta Design UNO 24 NEO is that aside from being a beautiful watch, it’s essentially a functional infographic of your progress through the day. One hand, twenty-four stations, and two day-night hemispheres to easily let you know whether it’s too late or too early for whatever you’re about to do. (via Freshness)

Topo Designs x Woolrich ///

Topo Designs x Woolrich | GregoryWest

It’s an ideal match – a collaboration between Topo Designs (a Colorado-based brand making uncomplicated gear to help you get closer to the outdoors) and Woolrich (a company that started in Pennsylvania almost two centuries ago, selling woolen blankets to local lumber camps). The result – three minimal and modern pieces with a comforting touch of heritage. They’re great go-tos for weekdays of running all over the city, and weekends of sleeping under the stars. (via Gear Patrol)


Pelican ProGear Elite ///

Pelican ProGear Elite luggage | GregoryWest

I’m always on the lookout for a solid piece of hardcase luggage. Each time I check in for a flight and my suitcase floats away through that rubber-strip curtain, I imagine it instantly becoming the focal point of a no-holds-barred match of TSA Rugby. To ease my worries, I think my next travel companion is going to be the Pelican ProGear Elite. Based on thirty-five years of protecting military and emergency services gear, it’s lightweight, crushproof, watertight, and guaranteed for life. And it comes with a price tag reasonable enough to spring for the optional accessories, including a garment bag, Dopp kit, zippered shoe cover, and a pouch for you laundry. (via Uncrate)


hard graft Frame Folio ///

hard graft Frame Folio | GregoryWest

I love a good messenger bag, but for some mysterious reason, I’ve never been able to master wearing one while riding a bike – it tends to either swing around to the front or dig uncomfortably into my shoulder. I have opted instead for a minimal backpack, but sometimes, you only need to bring a few things to a cross-town meeting or coffee shop. Enter the hard graft Frame Folio – a beautifully designed, handmade in Italy, leather sleeve that’s lightly padded to protect your iPad and other daily essentials. Once you reach your destination, the frame straps convert to a handle, and you’re good to go without having to sling anything across your shoulder. (via Selectism)


Crumpler Vis-a-Vis ///

Crumpler Vis-a-Vis Trunk | GregoryWest

Each time I wait for my luggage after a flight, two questions cycle through my mind – Will my suitcase finish its clothing-filled shot-put adventure in one piece? and Will I be able to recognize it in time before it sets off on another go around the carousel? That’s why I think the Crumpler Vis-a-Vis Trunk is exactly what I’ve been looking for – a polycarbonate/ABS shell with high-contrast external safety straps – helping me be the first one out, hailing a cab home. (via Uncrate)