adidas Tourpro ///

adidas Tourpro L | GregoryWest

It was high time for a new pair of triathlon sunglasses, but I’ve rarely been able to find the right combination of clean design and perfect fit in typical running or cycling eyewear. So I decided to go a bit off the beaten path, and tried a pair of the adidas Tourpro L. Although technically designed for golf, it looks like they’ll be exactly what I’ve been looking for. They are very light, stay put when you’re moving (without being overly snug), and the aviator-style lenses provide a virtually unobstructed wrap-around field of vision. I tested them out this weekend on a long run and ride, and loved how their design allowed for plenty of airflow, with absolutely no fogging.

Jack Spade Fulton Brief ///

Jack Spade Fulton Leather Darrow Brief | GregoryWest

I’ve had my Jack Spade canvas messenger bag for years and it’s still excellent, but there’s something intangibly great about walking into a meeting with a briefcase in-hand. That’s precisely why I’ve got my eye on the Fulton Leather Darrow Brief – with a beautiful burnished leather exterior, and a classic patterned interior that looks like something my Pops would have taken to work … minus the laptop sleeve.


rhodia notebooks ///

Rhodia Notebooks

These days, most of my note-taking is done on either the Notes or Voice Memos iOS apps (and my ever-deteriorating handwriting is proof), but I always keep a Rhodia pad handy – N°14 on my desk and N°10 in my bag. These notebooks are beautifully simple, and writing in them feels like the pages were individually dipped in butter.

rimowa topas stealth ///

GregoryWest - Rimowa Topas Stealth

Rimowa has been making luggage for over a hundred years, and apparently in all that time, their iconic grooved-aluminum design has never appeared in all-black. Better late than never, the Topas Stealth collection was definitely worth the wait.

forage bow ties ///

I’ve never owned a bow tie before, but I think that’s about to change. My lovely wife recently introduced me to forage ties which, true to their name, are made out of deadstock fabrics. This means that you’re guaranteed to find something beautiful and unique. But it also means that you’re not guaranteed to get the one you want if you wait too long. I had my eye on the charcoal chambray one above, but no worries, there are plenty of other great options to choose from. Happy foraging!

contexture wooden cuff ///

For Danielle’s birthday last week, I got her this great wooden cuff from Vancouver-based Contexture Design. Hand-made from reclaimed architectural offcuts, this bracelet earns you double karma points by also serving as a sleeve for your coffee cup. Genius.

wooden rings ///

Speaking of Danielle and gifts, for our fifth wedding anniversary, she surprised me with a beautiful custom-made wooden ring (the wider one in the photo above). It was from an artist who makes jewelry from salvaged wood that she finds on walks through the forest. Sadly, her Etsy shop is no longer up so I can’t link to it, but before it came down, I was able to get a matching thumb ring made from the same type of wood. Danielle has given me some amazing gifts in the past, but this is definitely my favourite. Plus, bonus points for the fact that the traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood — oh so lovely and brilliant :-)

the player by nixon ///

I don’t often wear a watch because there are always enough time-telling things around to remind me that I’m already late for something. However, I do like to put one on as an accessory from time to time (pun so not intended), and I’ve decided that the next watch I buy will be The Player from Nixon in silver and black. I love the simple styling and clean face with a small diamond in the 6 spot. I gave Danielle the women’s model a few years back, so the minute I get mine (what is wrong with me today?!) they’ll be our version of the matching tracksuits.

jack spade day bag ///

It’s very easy to like the Jack Spade story, happenings, and most of all, the great products. A few years ago, we were going through an absolute slog at work and, out of the blue, Danielle surprised me with this Jack Spade Nylon Canvas Day Bag to help make getting to the slog each morning a lot more pleasant. I’ve used it ever since and love how it balances being perfectly functional without cluttering its design. Love the bag and love the girl who gave it to me even more :-)

swiss army signature ///

I like to keep a minimal wallet and key ring, which means taking a serious (and at times existential) look at what you absolutely need with you throughout the day. One of those things is the LaCie iamaKey flash drive, and another is the Swiss Army Signature pocket knife. This tiny piece of brilliance takes up  very little room in your pocket and comes in handy about a thousand times an hour. The scissors are great for loose threads and tags, while the little pop-out pen is a lifesaver when you need to take a quick note. One other piece of knowledge — no one ever uses the nail file.