erin m. riley ///

Erin M. Riley

In the age of ill-advised digital self-portraits, I love the approach of artist Erin M. Riley who finds such images online and turns them into woolen tapestries. Imagine the number of saved reputations, congressional seats, and starting QB positions if all sexts had to be hand-stitched.

samantha french ///

And speaking again about beautiful things that should be framed and hanging on my wall … I’m going to need a few more walls to make room for these beautiful underwater paintings by¬†Samantha French.

(Via The Jealous Curator.)

amy bennett ///

Time to check in with The Jealous Curator and try to bring some culture to this dog-and-pony show. The above is by Amy Bennett, from her brilliant Neighbors series of paintings, often depicting an idyllic suburban scene in which something just “went down” or is about to. Absolutely love these.

willy verginer ///

I came across Willy Verginer‘s amazing work on my favourite art blog, The Jealous Curator. I absolutely love these¬†lifelike wooden sculptures with big, beautiful blocks of colour.