Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant ///

GregoryWest | Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Lamp

This is pure genius – a giant version of the Anglepoise Original 1227 desk lamp. The iconic perfect-balance design, which traces its origins to the 1930s, has graced countless offices, bureaus, and even Roald Dahl’s writing hut. Much too big for even the most ambitious tabletop, this crocodile-tongue-fueled incarnation has a shade diameter of seventeen inches, a maximum reach of almost nine feet, and weighs more than a hundred pounds. It’s even available in an outdoor version … in case you’d like to properly light your next squab caper. (via Gear Patrol)

Oxgut Hose Co. ///

Oxgut Hose Co. Walsh wood carrier | GregoryWest

The Oxgut Hose Co. derives its name from civilization’s first fire hoses of ancient Greece. All of their products are hand-crafted of hose salvaged from US fire departments, and they donate a portion of every sale to the Children’s Burn Foundation. This durable, waterproof, and flexible reclaimed material is ideal for chairs, floor mats, and hammocks; but my favourite is the Walsh wood carrier. It helps you easily carry the fruits of all your chopping to the fireplace, supporting responsible burning long after retiring from active duty.

Prouvé RAW ///

Prouvé RAW Office Edition | GregoryWest

While I’m glad to have never dealt with the workplace dynamics and oversized electronics of generations past, I’ve always admired their amazing mid-century office furniture. Steel, wood, and leather combined to build timeless pieces that only got better-looking with use and time. No doubt, the folks at G-Star had similar thoughts in mind when they collaborated with Vitra on the Prouvé RAW collection – a series of desks, chairs, and lamps based on Jean Prouvé’s original designs – to furnish their new Rem Koolhaas-designed HQ. I’d gladly pair these beauties with some Apple products, and leave the fridge-sized Xerox machines to the museum curators to sort out.

Hudson’s Bay Company Point Blanket ///

Hudson’s Bay Company Point Blanket | GregoryWest

You know those cozy winter days that make you want to go straight from bed to couch, eat melted cheese, and watch twelve episodes of something? Those days call for time-tested gear, and for more than two centuries, the Hudson’s Bay Company point blanket has warmed everyone from fur traders, to British royalty, to bleary-eyed binge-watchers. The name derives from lines stitched into the blanket to easily indicate its size without having to be unfolded. And while the iconic multistripe colorway is traditionally green, red, yellow, and indigo; I’m loving this monochromatic Millennium Stripe treatment. (via Sharp)

Vifa Copenhagen ///

Vifa Copenhagen | GregoryWest

Growing up with an older brother has many upsides, including an early introduction to cooler clothes, books, music, and pretty much anything else that friends your own age haven’t yet discovered. That’s probably why the Vifa Copenhagen wireless speaker caught my eye – a beautiful combination of aluminum and textile (nice touch on the embroidered volume buttons) that looks like the kind of gear I used to obsess over back in the day, with the modern conveniences of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – and not having to flip the tape every thirty minutes. I think I’ll pick up an extra one for my brother. (via Uncrate)

Architect’s Blueprint Paperweight ///

Architect’s Blueprint Paperweight | GregoryWest

A new desk pad calls for the perfect paperweight to go with it, no? It’s like pairing a suit with the right pocket square. That’s why I decided to go with the Architect’s Blueprint Paperweight from the MoMA store. Designed by Tibor Kalman (whose résumé includes a Talking Heads album cover and creative direction of Interview magazine), it’s a hand-crumpled sheet of silk-screened vinyl which serves as a beautiful tribute to the days before Ctrl-Z.

Cutting Mat Desktop ///

Cutting Mat Desktop | GregoryWest

After switching to a stainless steel desk in my home office a few years ago, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a simple leather desk pad – the perfect all-in-one combination of soft writing surface, a mousepad that stays put, and a winter-morning remedy for a freezing-cold tabletop. Surprisingly, it was difficult finding something that didn’t look like it belonged in your dad’s accountant’s office. Thanks to the gentlemen at Gear Patrol and Jeff Carvalho, I came across the idea of using a big cutting mat. It checks all of the boxes listed above, and adds a nice graphic touch to the desktop.

Lollygagger Lounge ///

Lollygagger Lounge | GregoryWest

It’s a Friday in June, with the promise of long weekends just on the horizon, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to chill. A great way to get your fresh-air slouch on is in the Lollygagger Lounge, a modern take on the classic Adirondack chair by Loll Designs. Each lounger is made of 312 recycled milk jugs worth of high density polyethylene, giving it extended durability, and giving you some good outdoor karma. And for those about to seriously chill, there’s even an integrated bottle opener under the right armrest. (via Gear Patrol)

a desk you could drive ///


A few months before Mad Men premiered and folks started lusting after those beautiful 60s office sets, this McDesky spread appeared in the pages of GQ. I love this type of office furniture — solid, sturdy enough to … jump on, and so heavy that you needed four guys (at least one of them named Gabe) to bring it up the stairs. The only thing you’d do with an allen wrench to these bad boys is scratch your name on the side.  One other nice feature of the one above is that it looks like the desktop itself is covered in leather, making it less cold on your forearms and smoother to write on.

If you’re looking to get one of these into your cubicle and your budget has $4k to $7k wiggle room, there’s the Chrysler Desk (pictured below) from The Conran Shop. Or, you can check out Retro Office Inc. for something similar but less expensive.