Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals ///

Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals | GregoryWest

My favourite kind of good ideas are the ones that are so good they just seem obvious – of course we should do this; why haven’t we done it before? A perfect example is this recent Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals collaboration on Stan Smiths inspired by actual tennis ball felt; available in three traditional colours of green, orange, and white. How’s this for another good idea – could we have a few of these autographed and shanked into the stands before every ATP match?

L.L.Bean Hunting Boots ///

L.L.Bean Hunting Boots | GregoryWest

While I might be all set for the next few months of autumn showers, I realize that I’m going to need the right weaponry when the serious stuff starts coming down – and for that, I’m going right to the source. L.L.Bean’s sixteen-inch boots are based on the original Maine Hunting Shoe design, dating all the way back to 1912. True to form, each pair is hand-stitched from premium waterproof leather and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Despite the name, though, the only thing these boots will help me hunt down is a decent cup of coffee when I need some warming up.

PF Flyers Hi Pres ///

PF Flyers Hi Pres | GregoryWest

While summer is not technically over for a few more weeks, you can already catch a hint of autumn crispness in the air, which means that the occasional cold and rainy day can’t be too far off. Just in time, the good folks at PF Flyers (inspired by their BFGoodrich roots) have introduced the Hi Pres boots, featuring an extended rubber midsole and a coated canvas upper stitched with hydrophobic thread. Pair them with a solid raincoat and you’ll plough through that rain like a set of all-season tires.

Giro Empire ACC ///

Giro Empire ACC cycling shoes | GregoryWest

The next step in updating my cycling kit is a new pair of shoes, and I can’t stop drooling over the Giro Empire ACC – simply put, they are gorgeous. Granted, the lacing system might not be as quick in transition as Velcro or a ratchet, but it does promise an infinitely adjustable fit. This shoe completely rings my Pavlovian bell – a timeless design that would be at home in any black-and-white Le Tour photo, with all the benefits of modern-day technology like a highly-breathable Evofiber upper, and a full carbon sole. I think it would go quite nicely with my Rapha Classic Jersey, non?

Air Jordan 11 Concord ///

Air Jordan 11 Low Concord | GregoryWest

The juxtaposition of white mesh and black patent leather, the beautiful translucent sole, and a touch of carbon fiber. The only thing I can say about the new Air Jordan 11 Low Concord is yes please.

SCARPA Mojito ///

SCARPA Mojito | GregoryWest

The reality of living in a city is that you end up with much more sidewalk than trail under your feet. Nevertheless, I like how the Mojito combines SCARPA’s climbing DNA with Vibram’s Spyder sole to help me comfortably cover miles of either. They’re perfect for the modern gentleman who approaches more coffee shops than base camps.

skora phase r02 ///

SKORA PHASE R02 | GregoryWest

After many triathlons – and not loving that whole part between T2 and the finish line – I decided to give natural running a try. I started transitioning toward more minimal shoes a few years ago, and now I think I’m ready for the SKORA PHASE R02. Weighing in at just 200g, these zero-drop shoes have asymmetrical lacing, laminated reflective overlays, and they’re not bad to look at either.

diesel flip-flops ///

Diesel Flip-flops | GregoryWest

Of all things to get particular about, right? But I knew exactly what I was looking for – clean-design, thin-sole flip-flops, not in every colour of the rainbow. Then I found these from Diesel. So I bought three pairs.

adidas originals gazelle indoor ///

Adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor

I love the timeless, go-with-anything design of my adidas Sambas, and when I came across this pair of Originals Gazelle Indoor on Freshness last year, with their semi-translucent natural rubber sole, I hopped right over to the adidas site and expanded my roster.

native jefferson ///

I know I’m a little late to the dance on this one, but in my own defense, I completely appreciated the genius of the Native JEFFERSONs when they first appeared a few years ago — beach-perfect shoes that look like a classic pair of Chuck Taylors. I finally picked up a pair this week in Jiffy Black to go with my new boardshorts, and they’re awesome.