Almond Surfboards + Woolrich ///

Almond Surfboards + Woolrich | GregoryWest

I think the Woolrich special-projects team deserves a big raise – first, for last year’s collaboration with Colorado’s Topo Designs, and more recently, with California’s Almond Surfboards on a collection of meticulously hand-shaped boards inspired by Woolrich’s archive of iconic blanket patterns. Whether you go for the double-stripe or perennial red buffalo-check, it’s hard to imagine a better way of curling up in a cozy wave. (via Freshness)


adidas Pro Primeknit ///

adidas Pro Primeknit | GregoryWest

There’s a high degree of difficulty in skillfully remixing a classic, and the new adidas Pro Primeknit absolutely sticks the landing. A skate-meets-soccer collaboration with London-based Palace Skateboards, it combines an indoor sole from the iconic Gazelle with a molded sock-liner, ZX Flux heel counter, and a woven Primeknit upper. It’s essentially a lighter, more breathable version of my all-time-favourite / go-with-everything Sambas, and I definitely need to land a pair.


FiftyThree ///

FiftyThree Pencil stylus | GregoryWest

Isn’t it great when technology helps you appear more competent than you actually are? For example, I’m clueless when it comes to most features on a decent camera, but thanks to Instagram, I can usually capture a passable photo. As for drawing skills, mine are third-grade-level at best, making me a huge fan of FiftyThree’s Paper app – a virtual collection of Moleskine-style notebooks and drawing tools. The custom-designed Pencil stylus lets you draw, shade, and blend like a pro; and if you happen to make a mistake, simply flip it over and erase right on the screen as you would with any old 2B. For those leaning more left-brain than right, the recent Think kit update turns your iPad into a digital whiteboard. Through the integrated Intention Engine, all your shaky lines, squares, and circles are smoothed out in real time to effortlessly create diagrams, graphs, and flowcharts that can export straight to Keynote, PowerPoint, or PDF. You come out looking like a creative genius; and whether you choose to credit nothing but natural-born talent is completely up to you.


Marmot Variant ///

Marmot Variant jacket | GregoryWest

As the days get longer and increasingly warmer, our first instinct is to shed, rather than add, layers. But summer isn’t all sweltering days at the beach; it’s late-day hikes once the sun has dipped behind a ridge, and early-morning campsites as you shiver toward your first cup of coffee. Marmot’s Variant jacket – a streamlined hybrid of Polartec Power Stretch and insulated front panels – is a great-looking option for throwing into a daypack as you hit the trail, or onto your back as you head out to run a few errands. And in a few months, as the days get shorter and increasingly colder, it’ll be an excellent mid-layer pairing with your favourite shell.

No Difference ///

Temperamental by Everything But The Girl | GregoryWest

So you fix a drink cause its time to drown
and the clock speeds up and then it slows right down.
The life that we have missed I think it still exists.
How can you resist?

track : No Difference
artist : Everything But The Girl
album : Temperamental

People Footwear ///

The Phillips by People Footwear | GregoryWest

I love slow summer days spent entirely in boardshorts and flip-flops, but there are times when your feet need a bit more coverage without getting all hot and bothered. The Phillips from People Footwear uses no-sew construction to combine a proprietary molded-foam base with a digitally-knit upper, creating a highly-breathable, super-light reinterpretation of your classic Chucks. Ideal for impromptu bike rides to pick up some fish tacos or replenish the backyard cooler.

Beamish ///

Beamish stout | GregoryWest

As we approach summer and temperatures begin to rise, most people’s beverage preference doesn’t automatically drift toward a full-bodied beer … hear me out on this one, though. My favourite in this category is Beamish, a stout that traces its origins to eighteenth-century Cork, Ireland. Naturally, it’s perfect for a wintery pub when it’s snowing sideways outside. But with a smooth, creamy taste and strong hints of coffee, it’s a bit like an iced cappuccino with 4% ABV. If you’re lucky enough to find one on tap this weekend, order a pint and consider it a venti with a kick.

Vanhawks Valour ///

Vanhawks Valour bicycle | GregoryWest

The Vanhawks Valour would be plenty desirable if it was just a beautifully-designed commuter bike. But then you consider the unibody carbon fiber frame and Avid disc brakes. And, you find out about the integrated tech of blind-spot sensors and LED indicators on the handlebars that guide you to your destination. The Valour seamlessly connects to a mobile app that maps out your most efficient routes, records your riding stats, and even helps you track down your bike should it ever go missing. All of a sudden, your smart decision to get some exercise on the way to work looks even smarter. (via Uncrate)


Michael Bastian : Fall 2015 ///

Michael Bastian Fall 2015 | GregoryWest

I loved Michael Bastian‘s Fall 2014 collection for its buttoned-up steely-greys worthy of a crisp Manhattan day. The love continues a year later for a new lineup infused with upstate ruggedness in deep, rich navies and earth tones. Here are a few of my favourites, including those genius streamlined cargos. (via


Jordan Buschur ///

Jordan Buschur | GregoryWest

As most of our books migrate to iPads and Kindles, and bookshelves no longer adorn our walls as trophy cases of countless reading conquests, we can rest assured that Jordan Buschur’s paintings will serve as beautiful artifacts of our carbon-based literary pasts. (via The Jealous Curator)