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Boomerang | GregoryWest

Even thought it didn’t get great reviews at the time, Boomerang had a big impact on me when I first saw it at sixteen. Eddie Murphy played Marcus, a marketing exec (probably a reason why one of my first jobs was at an ad agency) with a cool place, cool clothes, and good friends; whose life gets flipped upside down when he meets Jacqueline, played by Robin Givens. This stacked cast included Martin Lawrence, Halle Berry (Love should’ve brought your ass home last night!), David Alan Grier, and a very young Chris Rock. And the soundtrack featured Toni Braxton, PM Dawn, Boyz II Men, and A Tribe Called Quest – essentially my teenage years in a nutshell. Now, I’ve always felt that Marcus should’ve been docked a few points for being bent out of shape when Jacqueline chose beers and the Knicks / Bulls game on the couch over a candlelit dinner, but then again, he more than made up for it with, “Gerard, did you know your Pops had a mushroom belt on?”.