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FiftyThree Pencil stylus | GregoryWest

Isn’t it great when technology helps you appear more competent than you actually are? For example, I’m clueless when it comes to most features on a decent camera, but thanks to Instagram, I can usually capture a passable photo. As for drawing skills, mine are third-grade-level at best, making me a huge fan of FiftyThree’s Paper app – a virtual collection of Moleskine-style notebooks and drawing tools. The custom-designed Pencil stylus lets you draw, shade, and blend like a pro; and if you happen to make a mistake, simply flip it over and erase right on the screen as you would with any old 2B. For those leaning more left-brain than right, the recent Think kit update turns your iPad into a digital whiteboard. Through the integrated Intention Engine, all your shaky lines, squares, and circles are smoothed out in real time to effortlessly create diagrams, graphs, and flowcharts that can export straight to Keynote, PowerPoint, or PDF. You come out looking like a creative genius; and whether you choose to credit nothing but natural-born talent is completely up to you.