Levi’s Vintage ///

Levi’s Vintage Bay Meadows Hawaiian shirt | GregoryWest

Unlike most labels, when designers at Levi’s Vintage need some classic inspiration, they simply go into the brand’s own archives, spanning as far back as 1873 and including more than forty thousand pieces of authentic Americana. The most recent collection features meticulous updates of the 1930s Menlo Leather Jacket and 1955 Sawtooth Denim Shirt, but what really caught my eye was the Bay Meadows Hawaiian shirt – a 1940s popover with a brilliant pop of colour. Good enough for Elvis and Bing back then; perfect for the summer days ahead. (via Valet)

Ford GT40 ///

Ford GT40 | GregoryWest

The Ford GT40 has to be one of the most beautiful things on the planet. Never mind cars; if all it did was toast bread, we’d be better off as a species that we’re capable of such timeless design. Born in 1964 at just forty inches tall (hence the name), this automotive giant’s legacy includes Carroll Shelby, four consecutive victories at 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the desire to spite Mr. Enzo Ferrari. It’s incredible to think that the GT40 was already tearing up the road at a time when most people were still watching black-and-white TV.

Nikon 1 J5 ///

Nikon 1 J5 camera | GregoryWest

I think I just found my new grab a coffee and go explore the city camera. The 20.8-megapixel Nikon 1 J5 delivers a maximum shooting rate of 20fps with continuous autofocus, captures 4K video, has a three-inch 180° tilting touchscreen, is compatible with 1 NIKKOR lenses, and supports built-in Wi-Fi / NFC to easily get high-quality shots to your phone for some on-the-go Instagrams (while picking up another round of high-quality shots of caffeine). Plus, it’s hard to resist the combination of all that great technology on the inside and classic, Leica-inspired design on the outside.


007 ///

James Bond 007 | GregoryWest

Let’s raise a toast (Martini or otherwise) to the James Bond franchise, spanning more than six decades since Ian Fleming’s first novel. Similar to cover songs, it’s often said that your favourite Bond is usually the one you experience first; but while Roger Moore was my introduction to the world of 007, I’m squarely in the Daniel Craig camp, and Casino Royale has become one of my favourite movies. To successfully reboot a series that encompasses twenty films and five leading men, evolving it to be more stylish and gritty than ever before, well, that definitely warrants a drink. Cheers.

Lacoste LT12 ///

Lacoste LT12 tennis racquet | GregoryWest

I’ve gradually realized that I’m drawn to gear that’s just as decorative as it is functional, and I’d love to clear some wall space for the Lacoste LT12. This new tennis racquet combines aeronautics-grade graphite (for increased control and ball speed) and three types of wood (for dampening vibration). It’s available in a limited edition of just 650, as each one was entirely hand-made by French artisan, Alain Zanco. The LT12 is a beautiful way to continue the legacy of René Lacoste, who believed that true victory was to remain elegant whatever the effort … but I don’t think I could bring myself to subject it to my less-than-elegant baseline game. (via Selectism)

adidas Terrex ///

adidas Terrex trail running shoes | GregoryWest

I’m a sucker for great looking trail shoes, and the new adidas Terrex collection certainly fits the bill. With a range of features including waterproof & breathable GORE-TEX liners, speed lacing, Ripstop casings, energy-returning boost midsoles, and chunky Continental Rubber treads, you’re bound to find a great looking shoe that will keep you sure-footed in any inclined activity that you’re inclined to do.


Hard Graft Carry On ///

Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase | GregoryWest

When packing for a flight, I have two approaches. For checked luggage, I’m a big fan of the crushproof and watertight reassurance of a hardcase like the Pelican ProGear Elite. For the bag that’ll be heading into the overhead, I prefer to go with a more classic piece – like something my Pops would have chosen in his cooler days. To that end, I recently came across Hard Graft’s Carry On Suitcase; handmade in Italy with premium Italian leather and a cozy wool lining. It’s the perfect size for an overnight hop or a weekend roadtrip.


Far Cry 4 ///

Far Cry 4 | GregoryWest

Confession time – I can’t stop playing Far Cry 4. I hop on with all the best intentions of just running a mission or two, and before I know it, hours have flown by. This open-sandbox game has an excellent mix of main storyline and a wide variety of side-ops (including hunting, stealth, and driving); plus, the scenery is so detailed and beautiful, it’s a pleasant experience just to hang out and explore for a while. I sometimes think that the biggest disservice to this industry was being saddled with the video game label for too long, in spite of the quantum leaps that the medium has made in a relatively short period of time. This is a highly immersive form of entertainment, and putting today’s games in the same category as ones from a couple of decades ago is like treating a hundred-piece symphony orchestra and a caveman hitting sticks together as two undifferentiated types of music.

Tom Ford : Fall 2015 ///

Tom Ford (Fall 2015) | GregoryWest

An interesting thing happens at the end of certain fashion shows, once all the perfectly put-together models have left the runway – the lead designer emerges, all slouchy and disheveled, as if they just finished delivering the morning’s coffee order. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tom Ford in one of these Great and Powerful Oz moments. His game is so strong, he’s the living, breathing embodiment of his impeccable brand. Here are a few of my favourites from his Fall 2015 collection, including some impeccably-tailored classic coats. (via Style.com)


Howler x Sanborn ///

Howler x Sanborn stand up paddle | GregoryWest

File this one under ask and you shall receive. At the end of my recent post about Sanborn Canoe’s brilliant hand-painted paddles, I mentioned that it would be great if they made a range of longer ones for paddleboarding. Well, those friendly Minnesotans responded right away and pointed me to their collaboration with Howler Brothers. True to Sanborn form, these SUP-specific paddles are hand-made, hand-painted, and pure perfection.