Electric Mashman ///

GregoryWest | Electric Mashman Ski / Snowboard Helmet

I started skiing and snowboarding at a time when you rarely saw helmets on groomed slopes. And besides, my descents would never be described as “adventurous” anyway. Luckily, though, society evolves and if there’s something you can do to keep yourself safer, then by all means. I just wanted to avoid massive headgear that made me look like one of the Peanuts kids. That’s why I chose the Electric Mashman, a low-profile helmet “inspired by the counterculture period of the 1960s”. It’s an added bit of protection that makes me feel like Peter Fonda as I easy-ride down the mountain.

Leatherman Tread ///

GregoryWest | Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool

As I’ve gradually consigned timekeeping duties to Siri and the Mac menu bar, my watch has become more of an accessory than a tool. And so, why not put something more functional on my wrist? The Leatherman Tread is a brilliantly designed stainless-steel cuff which can be customized into a variety of essential combinations, including screwdrivers, wrenches, hex keys, cutting hooks, and bottle openers. An AI personal assistant might be great at finding a nearby beer store, but it’ll be years before it can pop the cap on a cold one.

Almond Surfboards + Woolrich ///

Almond Surfboards + Woolrich | GregoryWest

I think the Woolrich special-projects team deserves a big raise – first, for last year’s collaboration with Colorado’s Topo Designs, and more recently, with California’s Almond Surfboards on a collection of meticulously hand-shaped boards inspired by Woolrich’s archive of iconic blanket patterns. Whether you go for the double-stripe or perennial red buffalo-check, it’s hard to imagine a better way of curling up in a cozy wave. (via Freshness)


Vanhawks Valour ///

Vanhawks Valour bicycle | GregoryWest

The Vanhawks Valour would be plenty desirable if it was just a beautifully-designed commuter bike. But then you consider the unibody carbon fiber frame and Avid disc brakes. And, you find out about the integrated tech of blind-spot sensors and LED indicators on the handlebars that guide you to your destination. The Valour seamlessly connects to a mobile app that maps out your most efficient routes, records your riding stats, and even helps you track down your bike should it ever go missing. All of a sudden, your smart decision to get some exercise on the way to work looks even smarter. (via Uncrate)


Lacoste LT12 ///

Lacoste LT12 tennis racquet | GregoryWest

I’ve gradually realized that I’m drawn to gear that’s just as decorative as it is functional, and I’d love to clear some wall space for the Lacoste LT12. This new tennis racquet combines aeronautics-grade graphite (for increased control and ball speed) and three types of wood (for dampening vibration). It’s available in a limited edition of just 650, as each one was entirely hand-made by French artisan, Alain Zanco. The LT12 is a beautiful way to continue the legacy of René Lacoste, who believed that true victory was to remain elegant whatever the effort … but I don’t think I could bring myself to subject it to my less-than-elegant baseline game. (via Selectism)

Howler x Sanborn ///

Howler x Sanborn stand up paddle | GregoryWest

File this one under ask and you shall receive. At the end of my recent post about Sanborn Canoe’s brilliant hand-painted paddles, I mentioned that it would be great if they made a range of longer ones for paddleboarding. Well, those friendly Minnesotans responded right away and pointed me to their collaboration with Howler Brothers. True to Sanborn form, these SUP-specific paddles are hand-made, hand-painted, and pure perfection.

Sanborn Canoe Co. ///

Sanborn Canoe Co. paddles | GregoryWest

Sanborn Canoe Co. started out simply as a summer hobby to build a cedar-strip canoe for enjoying Minnesota’s countless lakes. That first project was a big success and eventually grew into a brand of hand-crafted paddles. The trouble began when they decided to launch a sub-collection hand-painted by a local artist – and folks like me couldn’t decide whether to use them for recreation or decoration. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for slightly longer paddleboarding versions that I can rotate between the water and the wall. (via Outside Magazine)

Shinola x Warstic Bat Co. ///

Shinola x Warstic Bat Co. | GregoryWest

It’s a given that every home needs a baseball bat. Whether you’re going out to shank some pop-flies at the company picnic, scaring raccoons off the back porch, or convincing your significant other that you got this when it sounds like someone’s breaking in, you’ll definitely need some proper lumber. Shinola recently collaborated with Warstic on a series of hand-shaped, laser-engraved, maple wood sluggers that give you serious swinging cred, and look good enough to display when they’re off-duty.

Jacknife Design Skates ///

Jacknife Design skates | GregoryWest

Speaking of eye-catching prototypes, Toronto-based Jacknife Design has developed a brilliant skate concept based on archives of vintage Canadian models. A blend of titanium, stainless steel, and full-grain leather on the outside, and heat-formed memory foam on the inside, the goal was modern-day comfort and performance with a streamlined, classic aesthetic. If I happened to live in a city like Ottawa where the downtown canal freezes over during the winter, these would definitely become a part of my daily commute. (via Sharp)

Arc’teryx Sebring ///

Arc'teryx Sebring pack | GregoryWest

The Arc’teryx Sebring was designed as a 25L hiking & climbing pack that becomes a versatile commuter once you’re back in the city. The hydration-bladder sleeve easily accommodates a laptop or tablet, with plenty of extra room for your lunch and workout gear. My favourite use for the Sebring, though, is as a carryon – drawbridge opening, contoured shoulder straps, water-bottle sleeves, internal security pocket, and sturdy suitcase-style grab-handles are travel essentials; and once you reach your destination, it’s an ideal day-trip carryall.